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Our Catholic Faith is smart, beautiful, and actually makes life more exciting!

Modern Catholics are tired of feeling like bystanders, instead of first-responders! SmartCatholics helps us regroup and make friends. Join a community of all ages looking to be smart, magnetic Catholics.

If this is your first time hearing about SmartCatholics, here's what we believe: when Catholics understand our Faith in the modern world, we experience greater personal joy, and confidence in sharing the good news. Read the About Page to learn more!

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We need smart Catholics…

We all work hard to be 100% Catholic. That means we're a mission Church, united to Pope Francis’ call to bring the joy of the Gospel to every corner of the world - starting with ourselves.

Catholic brands we love:

Dominic de Souza is your founder and host, a young dad with a small family and a smaller corgi, passionate about all things Catholic, watching movies, and reading the mystics.  

Why you should join this community:

We need somewhere online that's ours, where we can 

  • Uplift and inspire each other, and make new friends
  • Swap stories and ideas (not just advice!) 
  • Be free of toxicity, trolls, and ads. (Bye bye, Facebook. We love you, but...)

When you join, you'll get to dip in and out of discussions whenever you want. 

Each time we host a new event, you're welcome to join. 

Sometimes we'll host workshops. Or firesides. 

But most exciting is this - the veterans and new voices that you meet in the events are sticking around. They'll host group chats, share tips, and accompany your journey.

Because we need more than just information. We need insights we can trust. We need friendship to help us live lives of hope and meaning.

Who this group is not for:

For any community to mean something and take action, there must be focus. And our community exists for a clear goal: unity, friendship, and formation. 

Please don't enter if you reject Pope Francis and the 2nd Vatican Council, thrive on impending apocalyptic prophecies, polarised politics, and constant argument. 

There are plenty of other groups out there for you! Offenders are warned or removed. God love you! 

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